False Consciousness is a term in which members of the proletariat and other classes are misguided by capitalist society. Because they don’t perceive their true interest and social and economic condition. False consciousness centers around to the fake ideas which are proclaiming for the sake of gaining supremacy and sovereignty. That is why capitalists hallucinate as ruler of the nation and seek to rule over the nation.

In now-a-days, false consciousness has only prevailed in the third world and developing countries. Most of their concepts are based on false notions which drag them to barbaric era. Where they think they are on the planet to serve to the aristocracy.

false consciousness in third world countries

God said a man is a cream of creation. He doesn’t make anyone superior and others are inferior or subjugated in human race. But the aristocracy creates false ideas to get their benefits. Aristocratic class misuses traditions, norms, customs and religions to exploit innocent and the poor people but they have no idea they are exploited and misused by them. Due to the false notions which the follow very core of their heart. Karl Max was the person who gave this ideology. He sought to blast the bubble of false illusions which European comes to know after the upheaval and bloodshed. But third world countries are still under false consciousness. Especially, Sub-continent has prodigious and numerous false concepts by which they are been subjugated particularly in India and Pakistan. The aristocracy treats them like an insect who has no rights and honor.

There is an amalgamation of capitalism and feudalism in sub-continent. And still, there is serfdom that is highly hazardous which creates gruesome exploitational situations. If someone endeavors to disillusion people the powerful people conspire and murder that person who sought to enlighten bourgeois class.

In my view, everyone in the world has right to be happy and wealthy in his life. No one can subjugate anyone for one’s accomplishment. All human being are equal so don’t discriminate on the base of race, cast, color or status.

Napoleon Bonaparte said in 18th century:

Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. 

False Consciousness-marx views

But in these days, the exploitation has several ways not only religious, that is also by false norms, traditions and customs. The poor even do know what real religion is, the things they are following is not a religion that is something man made for their own benefits and interest which they haven’t disclose in front of a layman.