Rape is a serious offence that is not only a sin but also crime and vice which is not allowed in any society. It destroys not just woman physically yet mentally, psychologically and also emotionally. They smash her body and mind with their lust and brutality.

Most of the Muslim girls commit suicide because Muslim societies do not accept her. The honor of the family has gone due they are from victim’s family.

What kind of girl get raped in Islamic countries ?

  • The girls from the lower class get raped by the aristocratic people because high class maltreat the due that they are their slave and they have more right on them than themselves.
  • Some of the girls being raped due to a family feud and in revenge the rape is an easy and full of tyranny for anyone.
  • Some of the victim of rape due to blackmailing from different sort of people.
  • The woman who goes out from home without male figure can be raped.
  • The girls reject any marriage proposal and in revenge, they got raped

Why the rate of rape is getting increase in Islamic countries ?

This problem increases in Islamic countries due to the

rape violation in islamic countries

Another important reason is that there is no use of science and technology in rape cases such as a piece of evidence such as DNA test video and images. They only want four male witness or eight female witnesses, who saw rape with their own eyes.

Some example of the raped cases

September 2014,  Farooq’s parliamentarians three son accused of abducting and raping a girl from Faisalabad, they was arrested for a young girl rape. Later the courts released them due the lack of evidence which in the form of witnesses.

Furthen July 2017, a panchayat (local court) in Multan ordered a 16-year-old girl’s rape in order to  punish her due to her brother’s behavior who eloped with a girl of high class.

In Saudi Arab, there is a law a girl who has raped will be punish because she is responsible for her rape.

Once in this case the court gave a girl punishment of 100 lashes for being gang raped and has no witnesses but the girl approached the national electronic media and talk on punishment then the court outraged and double her punishment  200 lashes and suspended the license of her advocate.

Opinion of Islamic clergymen for rape

The Islamic clergymen say that a female is responsible for her rape, she seduces males due to her presence.

Islamic countries are only one who give punishment to victims of rape. The victims become the victimizer and real culprit declares innocent.

In Pakistan the popular clergyman said that if a girl has no witnesses for rape then she should be silent because it defame Islam.

In Iran 2014, a woman killed her rapist then the court said she has no right to murder someone, if he is raped her then is acceptable but she can’t killed her rapist. The court sentences her death due to the murder of her rapist.

rape is violation

Personal opinion

However, it is a highly barbaric act which can’t be neglected. She is also a human being treat her like a person, not a property or non-living thing. Further, Islamic countries must amend the rape law and secure women from the brutality and barbarism of males. Nowadays men and women are doing the same thing and continue their lives. Pakistan has 93% ratio of rape and India has 95% but still, they Muslims are saying we respect women and gives the honor. Above all, in Islamic countries, for controlling this problem in their countries they must punish to a rapist.