Pakistan is a weak democracy where many political parties compete for seats in the national assembly and provincial assemblies. Even after seven years, our politics is the same. We are standing several times ago. However, the same slogan inside the parliament is one. Listen again and again even before and after an election to this.

Politics of Pakistan and election

The trash is the same scenario whose scenes we had seen many times before. You are not taking the name starting from ‘go Baba go’, because, in the election, the nation has to face any new impression. It is out of endurance. After commenting on a regular time, any comments. There is no room for it. There is an anxiety that is spread everywhere.

Faces transform but the course and rules are same. Those who defeat in the election. It turns out with a course of conspiracy and plot for their defeat. It takes its own before it.

Politics of Pakistan and conspiracy

The opposition took the oath. If the government had PML-N, then the PML-(N) did fraud. The winner is a fraud. If the PTI is the winner today, then PML (N) ask them a fraud.

The noise of the rivalry has been increased and the PTI won the election. It is raising the voice to prove, their opinion and mandate are from it.

The noise on the eve of election Prime Minister’s election on August 17, PTI has 176 votes in the election model

While the PML (N) has only 96 votes, the PPP boycotted the election. Shahbaz Sharif used vulgar for Asif Ali Zardari some time ago.

politics of Pakistan PML-N fraud

Pakistan leaders

There is a consensus decision that our leaders can be able to adapt and makes sure your words and fit them properly. People start the vulgar talks which have affected the collective mood of the nation.

Some political analysts are getting rid of this boycott, somewhere else secretly. The workers of hints are also saying. Nevertheless, the new speaker of Asad Qaisar.

It is the first experience, so they did not understand anything from that situation. The invitation to the elected prime minister Imran Khan. The disaster is destroyed, which is not the head of the Parliament.

Politics of Pakistan and chaos

The tone of slogans and noise tremble the walls of the Parliament. After the 40 minutes of noise, the speaker delays the session of the assembly after the riots. So, everybody becomes comfortable delaying the session of the assembly.

There is no doubt that after the victory of PTI, public expectations get a rise and Imran Khan has no magic lamp with Karma. They can understand the unlimited wishes of the public and self-exaggerated.

They do not have the right to think about domestic issues and their depths and the PTI’s has made a slogan against corruption but how it is in public affairs and bring it to be fixed now.

Imran Khan’s U-turns

The leader’s U-turns on their promises or back foot from their words then the nation never trust on that leader.

politics of Pakistan and imran khan u-turns

The promises will not be Quranic verse and Hadith verse. It was the interpretation of some of our leaders. Sayings and promises are known to be the quote of leaders and new Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Will we die before seeing the spring in the nation? Despite my reservations, my heart is with Imran Khan that he promised to their people.


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