The 2022 Summer Youth Olympic Games officially identifies as the 4th Summer Youth Olympic Games and generally knows as deck 2022, fourth of the Summer Youth Olympics Edition, an international game, a city named by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), education and cultural festivals for the youth.

Announcement of Summer Youth Olympics Games

Actually, it decided to be apprehended in the 127th IOC session in 2022, it decided that the YOG organization would put off the fourth Summer Youth Olympic Games in the non-Olympic Year by 2022 to 2023. Finally, after this IOC relapsed the date of 2022, and announced in 2018, February that would propose to be held in Africa in this regard.

The 132th IOC session confirmed the change of date by 2022. This host announced in the 133th IOC session in Argentina, Beyonce Airlines during the 2018 edition.

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Lausanne as Olympic capital

Being the first IOC event held in Africa, Senegal will be organized Lausanne is also known as the “Olympic Capital”, the modern Olympic Movement house has been for more than a hundred years.

Today, more than 50 international sports organizations call this region from their home. Because of this, the games and positive values. ​​That becomes part of the DNA of Switzerland.

Consequently, there was an idea of ​​encouraging the youth of the world and to promote the attitude of the young Olympics Games to live according to the Olympic values ​​of friendship and honor, excellent with the heart of the Olympic Capital, the whole city, region and the people of Switzerland.

olympics games 2022

 In 2020, Lausanne and Switzerland want to occupy this special Olympic inheritance, and to promote capability with its strong international sporting skills, innovation and also analyzing the ability with in youth of the world, new generation and to update with fresh ownership of Olympic values.

However, the event will be located near the Lausanne in the nearby areas of Lake Geneva and nearby Vaud Alps. Also, the 35,000 students of University Campus. The youth of the Olympic will situated in the heart city for Youth Olympic Games here!



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