Arooj Zaib is a senior and experienced web developer and developer in uet, kics, she develops Lucidshine website. Arooj is a Splendid and devoted web developer and she always has unique ideas in her mind that differentiate her from other developers. Arooj is WordPress and code-igniter specialist. In addition, Arooj contributes to facilitate the audiences with the best qualitative website.

Ayesha khadim works as a senior graphic designer in uet, kics in a team of Umar Sawar. Ayesha is a very focused and unique designer, she can create any graphic models or designs which attracts viewers. Ayesha makes superlative virtual and eye-catching world. In Lucidshine, Ayesha amuses viewer with her ionic and uniqueness in graphic designing.

Samia Maqbool holds degrees of English literature and political science, works as a writer for different reputed organizations. Samia seeks to reform society, she speaks on different moral and ethical vices, politics and social issues which are prevailing in our society. Lucid shine is a platform, where she depicts her notions and the dark side of society.

Umar Sarwar is a Blogger and Developer, manages his team adequately with proper strategies and planning. Umar is very devoted towards his work and has achieved many awards dues to his consistency and determination. Writing is his passion for technology and sports, Umar is a tremendous sports analyst and wants to write about sports. In Lucid shine, Umar shares his unique ideas and knowledge with viewers and readers.