A state contemplates as systematized political community or territory underneath. There are different types of states and state has four elements. However, one government and the government changes after a few years. However a state is considered as a mother who serves her nation like children. The State and nation are inextricably linked with each other.

State and its elements:

A state is consists of four imperative elements, without these elements state cannot be a state. These are below:

Types of States:

There are many different types of states and each type has its own rules and regulation.

Feudal State

The Feudal state is a ruled by landlords or powerful people like warriors. Feudalism is a system in which the landlords, military, and clergy rule on common people. Now a day, feudalism considers as past, part of history by in some third world countries this system is under the practice in certain modifications.

In feudalism, powerful people spend lavish life not all because the majority is labor. The feudal lords consider them a God and omnipotent and omniscient and laymen are their subject.

Communist State

The Communist state is a worker or labor state, in fact, a communist state is a communist society but they consider them stateless society that takes part in politics. They seek to raise the voice from different communities to the national level.

Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin’s theory dominates in a communist society which known as Marxist – Leninist theory. A communist state has resemblance with the democratic state has maximum all those qualities, people involvements from all sectors.

Mainly, the dominant feature of the communist state is the participation of all communities in politics like the trade union, teachers, factory workers and writers and many more.

Secular State

The secular state has no religion but treats all religion equally with the same respect and decorum. The secular state practices humanism yet it prefers humanity on any other religion in this world. If the state is neutral then there is no nepotism, no victim and victimizer.

The secular state’s first preference is human but religious state gives importance to abstract ideas and faith. There are some ambiguous states which are secular and religious simultaneously. These states seek to be secular but the main religious denounce secularism and the state become ambiguous.

Fascist State

The fascist state is another name of radicalism in which government has very limited freedom and known as a one-party rule. Fascist state emerges bloodshed and upheaval which provide them strength to conquering the state.

The fascist state doesn’t only control the media but also the mind of the common man. They use religion for manipulation and conspire into their nation. Sexism is preferable, male-dominated state although, a woman has no rights and highly racist against liberal, communist and socialist.

Fascist state

Democratic State

The democratic state is fully governed by the people. The government is elected by the nation to take the responsibilities of state and fulfill all requirements. The democratic parliament has two houses, a house of lords and a house of common which must have the representation of minorities and women.

The democratic state is a protected state which gives freedom to human beings to live their life without any fear. Furthermore, a democratic state and all citizen has all rights and no one is superior to other. In the state, there is no discrimination, injustice, and harassment.

Islamic State

Islamic state concept relates to the fascist state. Both give enormous rank to their ideology over human being’s life and facilities. Moreover, the Islamic state is based on Islamic law and their rules and regulations which are the crux of Islam.

Islamic state

Islam dominates on everything in a state, protection of Islam, preaching of Islam and implementation of Islamic laws are important rather than human rights and their freedom. Above content depicts the major difference between the state features and their rules. Although, some state severs their nation and some suppress their nation and drag them toward catastrophe. In my opinion, the state must be secular and humanist.


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