Honor killing means to murder someone within a family to fetch back the family’s honor, especially women. That has lost due to the violations of family, community or religion rules. The honor of them relates to the woman, especially to her virginity which is the main reason for honor killing.

What is a cause of honor killing?

Virginity is the main cause of honor killing. Virginity is a property of her husband which is protected by father and brothers. If she loses her virginity before marriage her family face disgrace in society and no person accepts her as his wife.

Islamic view

In Muslim communities, the woman is passive and domestic and she has very limited rights and no freedom. On the other hand, the male has all types of freedom-free travel to free sex.

The boy considers superior to a girl, he leads the family either he is right or wrong girl must obey him. The Woman has no right to question his authorities, they can beat them, maltreat them.

Only they have a right to select a husband for her, she can’t say no to them and can’t select her husband herself. Her love and sexual relationship without legal relationship consider as dishonor family reputation.

The woman treats like a robot who has no emotions, desires and will that be controlled by her masters, like father, brothers or husband. She must obey the orders for her master otherwise should face serious consequences.

honor killing

Some real examples of honor killing

Like, In Pakistan city Jacobabad 2016, a groom killed his bride on the first night of marriage because she was not a virgin. The only proof he has that she hasn’t bleed during the first penetration of sex.

In Tajikistan 2017, the newly wedded bride committed suicide because his husband demanded a virginity test. After two positive results of tests, he was demanding more tests for his satisfaction. She was unable to bear that mental torture and committed suicide within 40 days of her wedding.

Male so-called horror is not more important than any human’s life. We should condemn murder in the name of honor, high rate countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arab, Syria, and India, etc.

Personal view

They must take serious action against honor killing, a victim is a state citizen first then a daughter, sister or wife. The State must punish the culprit.

Once the state hangs the so-called honor killer father, brother, and husband and amends the law of honor killing because the victim and victimizer are for the same family so, the family has no right to forgive the murderer. The state plays the role of the victim’s family and treat the victim’s murderer as criminal and punishes him like other murderers.


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