An election is a process in which the nation decides who will be their leader and hold the entire public matter. In elections, people elect competent adequacy and educational Utopian. Which takes the nation and country to the next level but in Pakistan always election sounds corruption and conspire. The misuse of power leads Pakistan into calamity. After the independence of Pakistan form, the first election gave the vibes of corruption and conspiracy.

1962 First Elections in Pakistan

The first election of Pakistan was presidential between Fatima Jinnah and Ayyub khan held on January 02, 1962.

The winner of the elections was General Ayyub Khan unexpectedly. Because Fatima Jinnah is from Pakistan’s founder family and she also was the co-founder of Pakistan and had a tremendous experience of championing.

Since then time, some voices had risen against General Ayyub Khan with the accusation of corruption and conspiracy in elections. But no one could take any action against General Ayyub Khan.

With the passage of time, the voice of corruption increases but now, this time with facts and figures nevertheless, one still cannot take any action and the method of accountability is paralyzed and slothful which is the root of Pakistan’s calamity and lack of development.

Till 2018, the voice of conspiracy and corruption go to the higher pitch that indicates coming up annihilation in a country. Lets to talk about past a few elections of Pakistan.

2013 Elections in Pakistan

2013 election held on 11 May and the political parties who had defeated accusing the victorious party, there is a major clash between PTI and PML-N.

elections in pakistan

Those days, PTI got reset fame in youth and all over the country. But got defeated by an old conservative political party named as PML.N. However, the chairman of PTI claims that they theft the mandate and got sovereignty.

2018 Elections in Pakistan

Alternately, in the election of 2018, the table has turned and the fact that PTI has defeated PML-N. PTI gets sovereignty but PML-N is accusing that PTI snatches the mandate with the help of the third party.

2018 election in pakistan

The tale of the accusations and allegations will never end. Both parties blaming the army for their defeat and paradoxically. The army is helping both parties. If the army is responsible for their victory and defeat. Then these political parties have no worth and strength to govern Pakistan. Furthermore, according to state laws, the army is an institution which cannot interfere in the state’s other institutions matters and inculcate them or use them of their personal purpose.

The election should be fair and also transparent that makes the country strong, powerful and developed. The nation earns worth when they work for their nation, not of individual benefits. The developing countries people prefer their country more than personal life or achievements.