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As the name suggests the paper battery is a device behaves like a battery and also like a capacitor. Paper battery basis on the composition of nanotubes of carbon and paper (cellulose). We are in the world of limited resources and our electrical needs are more than resources. So batteries are the best solution but batteries consider as lavishness. History of Paper Battery: In August 2007, at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Dr. Robert Linhardt started a team. Dr.Omkaram Nalamasu and Dr.Pulickel Ajayan prepared a paper battery. In December 2009, at Stanford University, Yi Cuiand. However, its researches team successfully conducted a prototype that provides 1.5 terminal voltages. The Ki Bang Lee about the following activated paper batteries. Furthermore, a simple and cheap construction process for paper batteries is compatible with existing plastic laminated technologies or plastic molding techniques. A paper battery has been tested and it can provide more than…