Sports is not just a word, it symbolizes passion, ambition, challenge, pride, physical and mental stability not for an individual that is for the nations. It affects the nation’s image and reputation globally.

The Relationship between sports and human being is from the birth till now, the requirements and priorities transform with the passage of time. Changes in sports, increases, and decreases but somethings are contemporary like entertainment, relaxing purpose, refreshing, after routine work.

Before science and technology people use sports in different sorts like to select their leader, a person physically strengthens and winner of various sport specifically, wrestling winner would be the leader of their clan or tribe because he is the most strengthen person among them.

Let’s throw light on various ancient civilizations who invent those sports which are popular as at their originated time, like wrestling, boxing, athletics etc.

Greek is the most famous in educational civilization but they also enriched in sports which are contemporary like other sectors.

Popular sports in Greek

Most famous sports in Greek are followed in the current era.

Asian popular sports

Asian are famous for its warrior capabilities, they introduce fighting skills in sports with are still alive in the present time.


African popular sports

African are mostly followed by tribal culture and like to live in the forest and still living in the forest but they also play sports like

Afterward, the science and technology sports become challenging and calculate with more emotions and attraction for the spectator. These sports are played with new techniques and methods in this era but with enormous opportunities and chances for people.

Now a day, there are the vast amount of tournament and sports competitions like Olympics, FIFA, World Cup, Rugby World Cup etc. As an example, we discuss the Olympic event’s contemporary history.


Olympic event is contemporary, in modern time

The Olympic event is contemporary, in modern time, Olympic emerges as a colossal event with the amalgamation of many sports which are taken from all parts of the world and eras.

Approximately, entire world participates in this event and excited about this event but the winning rewards are completely different ancient and modern Olympic sports events.

In ancient, Olympic sports were purely religious that was in the honor of their powerful and supreme god so the winner of Olympic got the wreath of a sacred olive tree from Zeus’s temple.

On the other hand, modern, Olympic sports have no religious purpose but merely for their countries because the prizes create a soft and glorify image globally and earn respect and honor for their countries. The rewards are three types of medals Gold, Silver, and Bronze, Gold medal for winners, the Silver medal is for runner-up and Bronze medal for second runner-up.

Subsequently, sports are part and parcel for life, either be a player or a spectator. Sports help to uphold our health and fitness because sports make us not only fit and healthy physically but also mentally. So, the Greek philosopher Thales said:

“A sound body has a sound mind”

That is why, Greeks produced great philosophers, Socrates, Pluto, and Aristotle etc.

Life of sportsman is full of luxuries and love of their fans who support and pursuit the in all matter, like dress code, hairstyle, and accessories etc. The imitates in their lives and seek to lives them because they have health and wealth simultaneously.


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